Pastafarians Rejuice! The Flying Spaghetti Monster Has Been Discovered

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Pastafarianism is not something we made up. It is an actual religious movement. Why do we bring them up, you ask?

It’s because their deity is a flying spaghetti monster and scientists have found it in the depths of the ocean.


All right, so we’re might be overreacting with the pastafariansm, but divers have truly made a new discovery.

This strange creature was caught on camera by Daniel Jones from the National Oceanography Centre, 125 meters (410 ft) below the surface of the ocean, just off the coast of Angola.

The species has been identified as some kind of jellyfish, but the creature was quickly and suitably named the flying spaghetti monster.

See the first footage of this new creature.


How much ore weirdness does our planet hide.


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