In This Worn Out Homeless Man Lies The Most Incredible Music Talent You’ve Ever Seen

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We are always to quick to judge the homeless, always thinking the worst of them, that they’re probably drug addicts or alcoholics, uneducated and without any skills or worth.

The story of Donald (Boone) Gould is not quite a unique one, since there are many homeless people like him. What sets him apart is that his talents got noticed.


In front of a publicly placed piano in Sarasota, Florida, Donald the most beautiful cover of Styx’s “Come Sail Away”. This gentle man plays on the piano every day in hopes of earning some spare change and he is even kind enough to give free music lessons or points to anyone who’d sit beside him.

This former Marine had some rough times and has been homeless for 7 years, yet the melodies he plays will stop anyone in their tracks. A video of him playing went viral and once you see it you’ll understand why.

To learn more about Donald and how you can help him visit this site.


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