Grand Prix Story

The cars are fast, sporty and of course cute since it is a Kairosoft game.  I’m talking about Grand Prix Story a race car team simulation title.  This one is pretty much straight fun all the way through, at least until you start losing races and have to start selling your precious vehicles.  Your cars are only as good as you make them, so be sure to compliment that hard working team of mechanics in the garage from time to time.  Like most games by Kairosoft your goal is to become the best, you get to recruit and train drivers who will make or break your team in those home stretch situations out on the track.  Speaking of tracks, there’s a lot of them so don’t worry about the typical lack of variety found in games of this type.  Grand Prix Story allows you to have full control over your teams agenda so you can race whenever you want, with whatever car you want even if it’s not the recommended model for the track.  Gaining sponsors is a nice way to insure you and your team get a nice payoff  but you still need to win sometimes in order to advance.  What I liked about this game is that you don’t have to know much about motor vehicles to play it, all you need is some ambition and that burning desire to win!

The improvements aren’t hard to come by so you probably won’t have to grind too hard to make a car that might get second place.  Unless you’re stubborn like I am I would suggest building about three cars, each for separate purposes.  You won’t be able to control the vehicle in a race but you do have control over the nitro function.  The game progresses over weeks to allow preparation for major and minor circuits.  You can expand your garage once some level of success is obtained by completing a set of races and moving on, eventually gaining more sponsors and an opportunity to enter into the Grand Prix.

Grand Prix Story reminds me of  Pocket League Story with its lack of urgency in your objectives, unlike Game Dev Story where there is direct competition between you and the computer.  Fans of these games agree that there is a particular spark missing from this game that is found in other titles but I think it is all a matter of taste and preferences.  The controls are typical for a Kairosoft game, the touch screen response could be worse, the main navigational pad is better off staying minimized since it takes up a good portion of the screen.  I guess it is a good thing that the game doesn’t let you control the car with those buttons being as awkward as they are.  If you are a hardcore fan of race cars I suggest playing something with a lot more features but for the casual mobile gamer who happens to know a thing or two about the track, go for it.  Grand Prix Story is not bad, or great so try it before you buy it.  At this point there are plenty of games of this style out by Kairosoft so the genres vary as much as people do.  You are looking at the infamous $4.99 on the Android app store and $3.99 on itunes, drive safely!

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