Top 5 Fall Games

It’s finally Fall! With places getting cooler in the northern hemisphere, those of you blessed with seasons probably have yards full of leaves by now (I can’t go check—I live in a desert). In any case, the holiday season is starting to heat up and there’s a huge plethora of games for gamers across the globe to enjoy. Here are five amazing games to look forward to this season.

World of Warcraft : Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer Debuts at Gamescom 2012

5. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

Although I’m not a huge WoW fan, I do realize it’s the biggest MMO for a reason. This new World of Warcraft expansion introduces a new class, a new race, increases the level limit, tweaks old features, and adds new ones. The Vanity Pet battle system is a welcome one, making raising and training your pets that much more crucial, while the new class and race should add a large amount of gameplay for old and new users alike. The 41-point talent tree system will be replaced by a new one—which will probably change gameplay radically for better  or worse.

4. Persona 4: Golden

A remake of Persona 4, this game was originally slated for the PSP but received an upgrade to a PS Vita release after the system was announced. This upgrade also allowed developers to add new story features, characters, and gameplay elements, as opposed to chopping them out. Releasing sometime in late October, this game is a welcome addition to the PSV library and should sate RPG fans who own the system for a little longer.

3. Halo 4

Halo 4 was completely unexpected at its announcement, since Bungie had already clarified that they would finish up the series with Halo Reach. In a way, that was true—343 Industries took over the series’ development and picked up exactly where the old story left off. As an entry in a series which managed to push the XBOX and then the XBOX 360 off of shelves and into homes, it certainly has a lot to live up to.

2. Pokémon Black and White 2

I’ve received a bit of hands-on time with the Japanese versions of these games, and I can promise they play like an entirely different game. It takes you through several different cities before you see an old location, and even then it’s been spruced up visually and offers plenty of new gameplay elements. With the game coming out in just a few weeks, I’m really excited to see what the new plot has in store for us. While it may not have new Pokémon, it has a huge selection of new areas and a surplus of new legendary Pokémon forms. Did I mention wild Eevee? This game has wild Eevee.

1. Assassin’s Creed III

Set in colonial America, Assassin’s Creed III is the first game in the series to take place on the other side of the Atlantic. The story follows Connor Kenway (birthname Ratonhnhaké:ton) as he explores the Revolutionary period, along with Desmond Miles, who must do his best to prevent a worldwide calamity. The game uses a completely new engine that accounts for sloped surfaces and has hundreds of unique animations for the main character alone. The game is set to release in late November, just when the holiday season starts to heat up.

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