Slenders Shadow, It’s utterly Terrifying

Slender Mansion. Need I say more? For the un initiated I will give you a run down. Slender is Incredible. It looks bad, there is no escaping that, this game will never win aesthetic awards. But thats alright. Because it dominates in the feild it aims for. Horror. Pure, unfettered horror.

It uses subtle tricks to creep into your head, and while it’s in there it sinks in and never lets go. Seriously, this will have you dashing down the hall way as soon as you turn of the light switch before making a dive for the safety of your bed. The game advises you to play it in the dark, with surround sound head phones on. Me? I say play it in the day time, in an empty room, with the sound turned down as low as possible, and even then, try to play it from a distance. It’s just blindingly scary.

I think it is important to tell you all that this is Slender Shadow. Which is another project inspired by the origional. It isn’t an official expansion, but then again Slender was never (to my knowledge) officially signed and released, it was just a indy game sent out as freeware.

So with that little introduction done, allow me to introduce you to its older brother. Slender Mansion, which can be downloaded here  for all those interested.

Now this game came out less than two weeks ago, and I’ve played it rather extensively. And I love it, completely love it. It keeps the same system that makes it amazing. It’s simple, straight to the point and in your face. The rolls of the thunder. The sub bass thumping in your ears the rasps and bumps, the creeks and screech’s. It has all been refined, and distilled into a very potent concoction.

Here are some of the features in the mansion update :

-This is the first map in the Slenderman’s Shadow series to have multiple floors.

-There are two keys to unlock different sectors of the Mansion.

-Slendy has gotten a makeover! Now, he has tentacles in his back when seen. The more mementos collected, the more tentacles he has.

-This is the first game in the series in which he has hands, and he seems to have lost some weight as well!

-Slendy does NOT move in this game, but rather relocates himself ENTIRELY by teleporting.

-This is the first Slender/Slenderman’s shadow game to have sound effects other than the notes being gathered, footsteps and the “startling” noise, being the thunder in the background from the beginning of the game.

-This is the first Slender/Slenderman’s Shadow game to have more than eight items to collect.

-This is the first Slenderman’s Shadow to have an unlockable mode (drunk mode), as the original Slender with “$20 mode”, “daylight mode” and different light sources was created by an entirely seperate group of people.

-This is the first Slenderman based game in which you must pick up a grandfather clock.

Now it is best not to forget that there has been another slender game released, only three days ago in fact, It’s called claustrophobia and while it is an awesome update, I much prefer some of the previous maps. Claustrophobia will see you run the the usual series of events but the setting is a giant hedge maze, with keys instead of pages, the crux of the game being that only one key is the real key. Take that in what ever way you please, some people like the new twist, others, not so much.

For the people who are outside the Slender scene, here is a list of all the current releases, plus a few that are yet to come out, as well as the SDK which will enable the ability to make your own slender maps.

Map 1: Sanatorium (Released August 2012)
Map 2: Hospice (Released August 2012)
Map 3: Elementary (Released 31st August 2012)
Map 4: Mansion (Released September 8th 2012)
Map 5: Claustrophobia (Released September 16th 2012)
Map 6: 7th Street (Coming September 2012)
Map 7: Prison (Coming October 2012)
Map 8: Carnival (Coming October 2012)
Slenderman’s Shadow SDK – Make your own Maps! (Coming November 2012)
CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (Coming December 2012)

Well, it’s safe to say that after I finish my new playthrough of Bioshock, I’ll be playing these until Christmas.

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