Game Dev Story

We all know that what the Android Market lacks in variety it tends to make up for with its healthy selection of simplistic and charming titles. In this case I’ll be taking a deeper look into Kairosoft’s initial release, Game Dev Story. Highly addictive and even more so to fans of the simulation genre. The game is easy to play and its touch controls aren’t bad either. You begin as the president and CEO of a startup game development company that you get to name whatever you want. Hiring staff is actually a fun process in Game Dev Story. You will begin with a couple of novice code monkeys and eventually end up hiring and training a more experienced and diverse team sometime after you flush out your first title. It won’t sell too bad.

If you’re wondering if you’ll ever get to play your own game, I’m sorry but the answer is no. Fortunately Kairosoft makes up for this by making the process of creating a game very enjoyable. The combinations of genres and game types run pretty deep and developing the perfect game is no easy feat. It requires a stable workplace and a whole lot of late nights on your end but don’t worry, you won’t even want to look at the clock. 

Once your company begins to break out of the shadows you will be offered to move into a bigger office. This is just one of the many milestones you can achieve, another one being the development of your own console. Although difficult and expensive to do, creating your own console is very satisfying and it can either make you or become a major setback in your companies history. My advice at that point in Game Dev Story is not to jump the gun. Just think about what happened to SEGA.

Your first playthrough runs for about 20 in-game years but you’re free to continue long after that time has passed. As you progress you’ll probably begin to notice that some of your rival companies will create consoles with names based on real life products. For example, there’s the Microx 480 and the Playstatus. You’ll also notice that a few of your applicants will have names based on real life people which only adds toGame Dev Story‘s subtle humor. The game’s retro graphics are a nice touch but the user interface could use some work. The in-game manual isn’t great either but the game is easy enough for both the hardcore and non-hardcore gamers out there to get the hang of rather quickly.

Overall, Game Dev Story is cute and has a very high replay value. To those casual gamers simply looking to sit down and play something for a few minutes to those who are looking for an in-depth mobile experience, buy this game. It’s probably the best simulation game of its kind that is out right now and you can own it for $2.50 on the Android Market or try the Lite version for free.

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