Draw Something

Alright I barely even have to introduce this one, we all know what it is.  Most of us have played it or at the very least have installed it without ever playing it.  Wildly popular for its extreme simplicity, I am obviously talking about  Draw Something from the collaborative minds of OMGPOPPeople who don’t know about it tend to ask what it is and most importantly, what makes it fun.  You get a blank page and then you draw something and your opponent has to guess what that drawing is using the letters provided; preferably an illustration of the base word you chose before starting a game against your friend or whoever you are indirectly stalking.  I mean really, the chances are (since the game logs you in through Facebook) pretty good that you are playing against someone that you don’t really talk to anymore or someone that you want to get to know better.  It really is a conversation sparker which is always a good thing.  I found myself texting people right after a game saying things like “hey, that unicorn you drew didn’t exactly have a horn on its head!” which reminds me, there is no real censoring of what you draw.

How easy is it to draw on your preferred device, you say? Well, it is not very easy at all. Actually, only about 80% of what you draw will come out looking the way its originally supposed to.  Don’t worry unless you’re the fancy stylus slinging iPad user you don’t have to worry about creating any masterpieces as long as whatever you are drawing is semi-recognizable.  Being any type of real artist probably won’t help you either sorry to say.  Upon completing a turn the player earns coins which he/she can spend on letter bombs which eliminate words that do not go with the opponents drawing, or you can spend them on more colors that come in packages (ice cream, fall, Mardi gras etc).

On the downside, it takes forever to rack up enough coin to purchase a lot of the bonuses unless of course you want to use real money.  While it is cheap, you might still find yourself wondering if it’s really worth the cash because you probably won’t care enough to go that far mainly due to the same factor that makes the game so fun, simplicity.  You buy bonuses and then what?  Sure your friends can say “cool” while you are using every color you might see in an actual rainbow while you are literally drawing a rainbow, but that’s it.  Still though, to each his/her own because it is all about preferences which is why I like the fact that you get options as to what you want to draw.

The game is basically free other than the options to use real money and that is always a major plus.  Zynga has recently brought the developers of Draw Something and according to  a recent article there might be some updates in regards to player-to-player interaction but there is no set release date for that. Nevertheless I’m sure the game will continue to captivate those who sulk in the schools and offices around the world until the next trend steps onto the field.

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