Super Smash Bros Leaked Videos Confirm Shulk, Ganondorf And Bowser Jr.

UPDATE: The videos have been removed but a new one including all of them has surfaced online. You can find it at the end of this post.

Some new short off-screen videos have emerged online a few hours ago for Super Smash Bros, confirming three more playable characters.

The new videos, which can be found at the end of this post, have been taken from the 3DS version of the game and confirm that Shulk, Ganondorf and Bowser Jr. will be playable in the game. This reveal isn’t exactly surprising for those who have been following the Super Smash Bros leak closely, as all three characters have been rumored to be playable in the game for some time.

Earlier today new Super Smash Bros screenshots surfaced online, revealing new details on the 3DS version Classic Mode.

Super Smash Bros is going to be released on Nintendo 3DS on October 3rd, with the Wii U release coming sometime during Winter 2014. Both games include the same character roster and a few different features like stages and more. The 3DS version also includes a new single player mode, the full multiplayer experience and more. This version of the game is also going to be technically impressive,running at 60 frames per second even with the 3D on. The frame rate will drop to 30 FPS for assists and Pokémon.



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