Phantasy Star Nova First Print Run Bonuses Revealed

Some exclusive bonuses will be included in all first print run copies of Phantasy Star Nova, the latest entry of the series currently in development by tri-Ace for PlayStation Vita.

The first bonus is a code that includes a set of recipes to create a special costumes for all of the races of the game as well as a recipe that allows players to create ten Exp Boost items. The second bonus is yet another code that allows a friend to purchase the digital version of the game with a 30% off the full price. The third is another code that includes a selection of costumes, a music disc that can be used in-game and more items. You can find some images detailing the costumes at the end of this post.

A new Phantasy Star Nova gameplay video has emerged online last week. The video, taken from the Japanese demo now available for download on the Japanese PSN, features plenty of action and it’s a nice way to learn more about the game.

Phantasy Star Nova is being developed by tri-Ace, the team behind many other successful role playing games like the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile series, among many others. The game will sport a story driven single player mode where the survival aspects will be one of the main focuses of the campaign. The game will also include a multiplayer mode.

Phantasy Star Nova will be released on a yet to be confirmed date in Japan on PS Vita. A Western release has yet to be confirmed.

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