Hyrule Warriors New Character Video Showcases Lana

A new gameplay video is now available for Hyrule Warriors, the soon to be released The Legend Of Zelda spin-off game launching in ten days in Japan and next month in Europe and North America.

The new video, which can be found at the end of this post, showcases one of the new characters that has been created just for the game, Lana the White Witch. In the new video, Lana uses a different weapon that the one previously showed, which gives some new moves to the character.

Last week another Hyrule Warriors character video surfaced online, showcasing Impa with her Naginata weapon, which allows the character to deal some serious damage to enemies. The character was also shown a while back with her huge sword, which seems just as devastating as the naginata.

Hyrule Warriors will launch on August 14th in Japan, on September 26th in North America and on September 19th in Europe. More character videos and gameplay details are going to be made available soon, considering the game is not so far from its Japanese release, so stay tuned for all the latest updates on the game.

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