Phantasy Star Nova To Receive New Demo This August

Phantasy Star Nova, the latest entry of the Phantasy Star series launching later this year in Japan on PlayStation Vita, is going to receive a playable demo soon.

Sega has announced today that the Phantasy Star Nova demo is going to be released on the Japanese PSN this August. Included in the playable demo are a fight against a Gigantes and some exploration sequences on the planet Machia. This will be the perfect opportunity to try out the new role playing game developed by tri-Ace.

Phantasy Star Nova is being developed by Tri-Ace, the team behind the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile series. The game will feature a story driven single player mode where players will have to survive on a planet lacking photon, the energy source of the Phantasy Star world. While one of the main focuses of the story will be the survival aspect, players will also find the time to bond with other characters. The game is also going to include a multiplayer mode, something that should expand the gameplay experience considerably.

Phantasy Star Nova will be released on a yet to be confirmed date in Japan on PS Vita. A Western release has yet to be confirmed.

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