Final Fantasy Agito Now Available On iOS And Android In Japan

Final Fantasy Agito, the mobile role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix, is finally available on smartphones in Japan.

Final Fantasy Agito stars a player created character as he or she sets out on missions across Orience. The game uses a leveling system where the performance during missions as well as the interaction with other characters in the country’s Magix Academy increases the rank of the character. The game’s battle system is quite different from the one included in Final Fantasy Type 0 as in Agito gamers will have to wait for a gauge to become full in order to attack and use abilities. A new feature included in the game is the Chain feature, which allows the character to use a set of attacks together, creating a combo.

Final Fantasy Agito is now available in Japan on iOS and Android. Although the company has expressed the desire to release the game West, the North American and European releases haven’t been officially confirmed. The game has been trademarked in Europe a while back though, so there’s a small chance of the game getting released in the West sometime in the future.

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