Rumor: XCOM Enemy Unknown – The Complete Edition To Launch On PS Vita

XCOM Enemy Unknown – The Complete Edition is apparently going to be released on PlayStation Vita soon, according to a retailer listing that has surfaced online today.

Retailer Tesco currently lists the PlayStation Vita version of the game, which should include the main game as well as well the recently released expansion XCOM: Enemy Within. A release date is also available, but it’s most likely wrong, as July 3rd is a Thursday and games don’t get released on Thursdays in neither North America nor Europe.

Since the game hasn’t been officially confirmed, we take all this with a grain of salt until an official confirmation comes in.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown has been developed by Fireaxis Games and originally released on Pc, Ps3 and Xbox 360. The game is a re-imagination of the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown released back in 1994.

The game returns to the roots of the XCOM series with the player commanding the elite paramilitary organization, fighting off an alien invasion of Earth. The troops will be controlled on the field in a series of turn-based tactical missions: between each mission players will be able to research and upgrade the troops equipment as well as manage the finances of the XCOM. The game has received quite a bit of praise and it’s definitely a good return to form for the classic series.

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