3 Viral Videos That Will Give You Laughing Tears. Think Twice Before Taking a “Selfie”!

Taking a good laugh at someone’s stupid move or funny explanations isn’t a crime, at least not yet.

These 3 viral videos will make tears come down on your face from laughing. We are introducing you the Rapping Sergeant who is really good and funny though, the “Selfie Goes Wrong” and the flight attendant that really loves her job.

There is a bonus video at the end where you can see where funny videos like these can get you.

Bring few tissues before you play them.

Here we go:

#3: The Rapping Sergeant

Broken leg really hurts. Little kids can cry whole day when they get the plaster on their leg.

Today’s kids love hip-hop and when they hear the protocol they should follow on the way this sergeant present it, they won’t feel the pain any longer. It sure made me laugh.

#2: “But First Let Me Take a Selfie” Goes Wrong

The “Let Me Take a Selfie” is really famous these days and people started taking photos of themselves everywhere.

This guy didn’t see it coming and decided to take a selfie with a moving train. The train driver didn’t like it… so he…

… kicked him.

#1: Hilarious Flight Attendant

The gold medal goes to our flight attendant.

There are flight attendants who are trying to be funny, but it’s not going so well for them…and there are those who are hilarious.

This flight attendant surely belongs to the second group. We’ve already watched it [ couple of times ] and we are still laughing like the first time.

And here is the bonus video. This flight attendant become so famous with this video, that she was a guest at Ellen’s.

She got a surprise, too:

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