Tac From The Kirby Series Revealed For Super Smash Bros

The thief Tac from the Kibry series will be included in the upcoming Super Smash Bros, as revealed by the latest screenshot posted on Miiverse by Masahiro Sakurai.

Apparently Tac will be stealing the charged power of the character he’s going to attack. To get back the stolen power, players will simply have to attack him.

Super Smash Bros

Pic of the day. Tac (on the left) steals your charged power. If you’ve charged up a lot, he might steal a ton of it. Chase after him quickly to get it back!!

Two days ago Masahiro Sakurai revealed the Final Destination version of Gerudo Valley, the stage taken from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This version of the stage will offer no distractions and nowhere to run, making the valley become a stage perfect for direct confrontation with your opponent. As confirmed last week, most of the Super Smash Bros stages will have a Final Destination version, each one with some unique feature not found in the others.

Super Smash Bros is going to be released on Nintendo 3DS this Summer, with the Wii U release coming sometime during Winter 2014. Both games include the same character roster and a few different features like stages and more. The 3DS version also includes a new single player mode, the full multiplayer experience and more. This version of the game is also going to be technically impressive, running at 60 frames per second even with the 3D on. The frame rate will drop to 30 FPS for assists and Pokèmon.

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