Ultra Street Fighter IV Costumes Can Be Unlocked With SFxT Save Data

Gamers will be able to use some extra costumes in Ultra Street Fighter IV by using a Street Fighter X Tekken save data, Capcom confirmed a few minutes ago during a live event.

Unfortunately it’s not yet clear which costumes will be unlocked through the save data transferring feature. They may be costumes for some of the new playable characters or for all the Street Fighter IV characters who are also available in the cross-over title. We will let you know more about the matter as soon as things are clarified.

On a related note, Capcom has also confirmed that the boxed release of Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released in Japan on August 7th. The collector’s edition, which will include DLC costumes as well as other bonuses, is only going to be released on PlayStation 3 in Japan.

Ultra Street Fighter IV includes quite a bit of new contents like five new playable characters – Rolento, Poison, Elena, Hugo and Decapre – new stages, new play modes, a brand new YouTube feature and much more.

Of the five new characters, Decapre has never been included in a game of the series. Despite looking like Cammy, the character plays quite differently from her, introducing a new fighting style into the game.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will launch on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in early June. The PC digital upgrade version and PS3/Xbox 360 retail release will launch sometime during August. The upgrade version will be fully compatible with Super Street Fighter IV.

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