J-Stars Victory VS Gets New J-Customize Menu English Translation Video

A new English translation video is now available for J-Stars Victory VS, the Bandai Namco game featuring several character taken from Shonen Jump published manga series.

The new video, which is available by going here, features the English translation of the J-Customize and J-Points Shop, allowing gamers who cannot read Japanese to better understand these features and enjoy the game further. This is definitely going to be quite helpful to the many gamers who have imported the game and didn’t let the Japanese language barrier stop them from getting the game.

Only yesterday a new J-Stars Victory VS gameplay video surfaced online, showcasing all the Support Attacks of the game. This is a really good watch for all gamers who have bought the game as well as for those who may still be on the fence about importing and want to see more of it before purchase.

J-Stars Victory VS is one of the best games based on manga series ever released. The huge character roster, which includes 52 characters, is really well developed, with all characters coming with some unique fighting styles that really expand the gameplay experience. The battle system is not the deepest gamers can find, but it’s good enough to allow manga and anime fans to enjoy the game. You can read more about the game by checking out our J-Stars Victory VS review.

J-Stars Victory VS is now available in Japan for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. There are no news on a possible Western release of the game at the moment.

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