Free Wii/ DS DLCs Will Become Unavailable Following Wi-Fi Shutdown

If you’re still playing some Wii and Nintendo DS games, you probably already know that Nintendo is going to shutdown the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection in late May, meaning that it will become impossible to access some online services for all games.

As a side effect of the shutdown, it’s also been confirmed that gamers will no longer be able to download some of the free downloadable contents released for some of the games. If some of these DLCs interest you, you better download them before May 20th, the day the Wi-Fi connection is going to be shut down for good. Among some of the games having free DLCs are additional puzzles for Picross 3D and Professor Layton.

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection shutdown will affect online play, leaderboards and matchmaking for many Nintendo Wii, DS and DSi games. Other online functionalities like the Wii Shop Channel, the Nintendo DSi Shop and video-on-demand services will also be unaffected.

On a related note, Nintendo is also going to shut down the Nintendo Video Service in Australia and Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. The service offered free 3D videos for the Nintendo 3DS console. The service has been originally launched on July 2011.

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