PlayStation 4 PS2/PS1 Emulation Has Mixed Performance, Reveals Insider

A couple of days ago we have reported that the PlayStation 4 console may be getting PlayStation 1/ PlayStation 2 emulation features soon. Today, the insider Ahsan “Thuway” Rasheed has revealed some new details on how the situation is evolving.

According to the insider, the PlayStation 1 and 2 games emulation has a mixed performance right now, with some games running nicely and others running like garbage. Sony is working hard on taking care of these issues as they have no desire to release the features in such a state and have people complain about the mixed performance.

“Oh and for those asking about any update about the PS2/PS1 emulation for PS4. I don’t know what Sony’s plans are concerning disc playback.

What I have heard is the emulation experience ranges from absolutely amazing 1080p to terribly buggy single FPS garbage.

Sony doesn’t want to ship a half baked product with people complaining about inaccurate features.”

Ahsan Rasheed has also revealed that Sony is still unsure about local disc playback for PlayStation 2 games. The Japanese company, however, is listening to feedback so gamers should be vocal about this feature if they want to see it implemented.

“Oh and they are listening for your feedback for the firmware and OS side of things. Please be vocal.

I am legitimately telling you the PS2 emulation is real, if you want local disc playback, make noise. They’ve made a reputation by listening.”

The new PlayStation 4 emulation features should be officially revealed in the near future. We will keep you updated on any development of the matter.

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