Half Minute Hero 2 Gets A New Teaser Video – Multiplayer Mode

A new teaser video is now available for Half Minute Hero 2, the unique retro looking role playing game launching in the future on Steam.

The video, which can be watched by going here, is a 10 minute long video showcasing the multiplayer mode of the game. Judging from the video, the mode looks incredibly fun and engaging as much as the singleplayer mode as if not more.

Half Minute Hero 2 is slightly different from its predecessor, as the game only features the Hero 30 mode. The mode is divided into five different scenarios – Hero 30 Overture, H‚Äčero 30 Judgment, Hero 30 Revolution, Hero 30 Ragnarok, and Hero 30 Destiny. The game also includes three side modes: Hero Wars, a four player rpg battle mode, a mode that allows gamers to create their own stages and Infinite Hero, where monsters keep appearing until the player has been defeated. Even though the other modes of the first game have been removed, Half Minute Hero 2 is still going to feature a varied gameplay experience based on the thirty seconds mechanic.

Half Minute Hero 2 will launch on a yet to be revealed date on Steam. The PSP version, released some time ago in Japan, hasn’t been localized.


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