Capcom Takes Note Of Requests For USFIV Online “Edition Select” Mode

Ultra Street Fighter IV Edition Select mode may become available for use in online matches, according to Capcom. The mode allows gamers to use the Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV and Arcade Edition versions of the playable characters.

This mode is currently not being planned for online matches, but Capcom has taken note of requests to make it available for the online mode as well, as confirmed on the Capcom Unity forums.

“Hey all, the initial reason that this mode wasn’t made online available was that we wanted the main emphasis to be placed on the Ultra versions of the characters. By introducing the older unbalanced characters (Vanilla Akuma/Sagat, Super Abel/Honda, AE Yun/Yang) we’d only undermine the work that’s been put in over the last year to give fans the most balanced SFIV yet. This mode is just supposed to be a fun aside that you can play your friends with as you try to figure which character is the strongest (hence local only).

That’s not to say we haven’t noticed the requests to have this go online. Although there are no plans of it now, if anything comes to fruition, I’ll keep you all updated.”

Capcom’s reasoning definitely makes sense, as the team has worked hard on changes and balance fixes. Still, giving more options is definitely better so let’s hope Capcom listens to Street Fighter fans and allows the Edition Select mode to become usable in online matches.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will launch on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in early June. The PC digital upgrade version and PS3/Xbox 360 retail release will launch sometime during August. The upgrade version will be fully compatible with Super Street Fighter IV.

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