Elite: Dangerous Gets New Alpha 3 – Zelada Spaceport Video

A new gameplay video has surfaced online for Elite: Dangerous, the latest entry of the Elite series coming later this year on PC and Mac.

The new video, which is available here, showcases some gameplay taken from the Alpha 3 version of the game and the Zelada Spaceport. Needles to say, the game is really shaping up nicely and looks incredibly faithful to the gameplay experience of the classic Elite games released many years ago.

Elite: Dangerous has been crowfunded through a successful Kickstarter campaign which showed the developers how much the franchise is still loved by gamers all over the world.

The basic gameplay experience of Elite: Dangerous is similar to the one of the previous entries of the series. Gamers will begin their space adventure with a spaceship and very little money. It will be up to them to get better equipment and more money by traveling throughout the galaxy. The game’s world is going to be huge and players will have the ability to heavily influence the economic and political situation of planets.┬áThe team has confirmed that the game will include twenty five ships at launch, including some fan favorites like the Eagle Mk II Fighter, Sidewinder, Cobra Mk III and Anaconda.

Elite: Dangerous will be released later this year on PC and MAC.


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