Dark Souls 2 Gets Its Final Launch Trailer

After a quite long wait, Dark Souls 2 is almost upon us, launching tomorrow in North America on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

To mark the impending release, Namco Bandai has released a brand new trailer. The video features a song that progressive rock fans will surely recognize: Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull. You can take a look at the video by going here and don’t forget to prepare to die, as the game is going to be just as brutal as its predecessors.

Yesterday we have reported that the final release of the game comes with a visual downgrade. The matter came to light following a Dark Souls 2 PlayStation 3 video which showed one of the game’s locations that doesn’t look as good as it did in an earlier build of the game. The use of lightning has changed and not for the best, unfortunately. It’s just a cosmetic change that won’t alter the gameplay experience but it’s certainly disappointing as it just damages the eerie atmosphere of some of the locations.

Dark Souls 2 will launch tomorrow in North America and on March 14th in UK and Europe on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The PC version, launching on April 25th, will come with some extra features like higher quality textures, enhanced frame rate option and support for mouse and keyboard.

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