New Yoshi’s New Island Video Features All Transformations

A new video is now available for the upcoming platform game Yoshi’s New Island, launching this month on Nintendo 3DS.

The new video, available for view here, showcases all the six transformations of Yoshi, which will grant the character some unique abilities. Avoid taking a look at the video if you want Yoshi’s Island to be a complete surprise for you when it launches next week.

Yoshi’s New Island gameplay experience is not going to be much different from the other games of the series, with Yoshi and his friends doing everything in their power to save the lives of the babies. While the core gameplay experience is going to be somewhat the same, Yoshi’s Island is going to sport enough new features that will set it apart from previous games. Last, but not least, the game is going to look beautiful, with the same unique graphical style as the rest of the series.

Not too long ago Nintendo confirmed a nice pre-order bonus for the game. All gamers pre-ordering Yoshi’s New Island will also receive an exclusive Yoshi Egg Game Case.

Yoshi’s New Island will launch in both North America and Europe on March 14th exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.


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