Ultra Street Fighter IV Announcement Coming Next Month

A new announcement regarding Ultra Street Fighter IV is coming next month, Capcom confirmed on Capcom Unity. The announcement is almost certainly related to the mysterious fifth new character of the game.

The new announcement will be made at the Final Round XVII event, which is going to be held from March 14th to March 16th. A few months after the original announcement and after so much teasing, it’s finally time to learn who this mysterious character is.

Last month Capcom confirmed that the game is going to receive a new YouTube feature. You can learn more about it by going here.

Ultra Street Fighter IV includes five new characters as well as new stages, new modes and features and much more. Four of the five new characters have already been confirmed: Rolento, Hugo, Poison and Helena. The fifth new character has yet to be revealed.

These four characters will not be taken straight from another Capcom fighting game, Street Fighter X Tekken, but have been fully reworked for the new Street Fighter IV revision.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will launch on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in early June. The PC digital upgrade version and PS3/Xbox 360 retail release will launch sometime during August. The upgrade version will be fully compatible with Super Street Fighter IV.

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