New Samurai Warriors 4 Videos Show Takakage Kobayakawa And Others

Four new gameplay videos are now available for Samurai Warriors 4, the latest entry of the hack and slash series published by Tecmo Koei.

The four new videos showcase some of the playable characters of the game. You can check out
Katakura Kagetsuna, Lady Hayakawa, Mitsuhide Akechi, and Takakage Kobayakawa in action by checking out their respective videos.

Among the many features included in Samurai Warriors 4 is a new edit mode where players will be able to create a character and edit all of his o her features. The created character can also interact with the other warlords and change what they think of the custom character depending on the answers given to them. You can check out some screenshots for the custom created characters and edit mode by going here.

Samurai Warriors 4 has only been confirmed for Japan as of now. It looks like the game might get released in the West later this year as confirmed a few weeks ago by producer Hisashi Koinuma.

Samurai Warriors 4 will be released sometime during March in Japan on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. We’ll keep you updated as soon as something new comes in on the Western release date.