5 Characters I Want To See In A 4th Super Smash Game

Thanks to the various rumors and rumblings circulating within the Nintendo community, it seems pretty likely we’ll be seeing a fourth entry in their acclaimed Super Smash Bros series before long. Nintendo has already proven over the course of three games that they can deliver a premiere brawling experience featuring a broad cast of old and new characters from the developer’s long history.

So which franchises should Nintendo tap for the series’ fourth entry? Below are my top five picks for characters I’d like to see show up on the fourth Super Smash game’s roster. Feel free to share your own additions in the comments section.

1. Joanna Dark, Perfect Dark

Rare’s follow up to their widely popular N64 Goldeneye 007 didn’t garner as much success as their James Bond shooter but it did manage to build a small cult following of its own and was even ported over to the Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360.

While the core mechanics and plot weren’t that much different than 007’s, many gamers took to Perfect Dark’s protagonist, Agent Joanna Dark, almost instantly. Despite already having several strong female fighters such as Zelda and Samus, Super Smash Bros. could always do with more female contenders to keep mainstays like Mario and Fox in line.

Joanna’s move-set could incorporate her various firearms, taking a similar approach to Solid Snake from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and her special moves could include various gadgets such as Mr. Blonde’s cloaking device, allowing Joanna to temporarily turn invisible.

If Nintendo were to keep the Smash Ball ultimate attacks of Brawl, one idea would be to take a page from the game’s “Perfect Darkness” cheat, causing the stage to be enveloped in darkness and leaving Joanna’s opponents helpless while she picked them off one by one utilizing her night vision goggles.

2. Brian, Quest 64

Despite receiving mostly negative reviews and little commercial success, THQ’s Quest 64 still managed to become somewhat of a cult classic amongst N64 fans, mainly because it was the first RPG to be released for the system. The game’s protagonist, Brian, was similar to Zelda’s Link in many ways; he never spoke and his only excuse for setting out on an adventure was “I’m looking for my dad.”

However Brian’s mastery of various elemental magics makes him an ideal candidate for a fourth Super Smash game. His character model would obviously need a bit of a facelift but the breadth of different magical attacks he could perform could make him a strong contender at both short and long range.

His Smash Ball attack could involve some truly amazing feats of magic such as summoning giant tornadoes, conjuring a stage-wide blizzard, or bringing down a molten meteor storm.

3. Zora/Goron/Deku Link, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

One of the coolest features of Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask was Link’s ability to transform into various other forms using a trio of magical masks. His different forms allowed up to utilize various special attacks and abilities as well as access parts of the environment he otherwise couldn’t.

Such a concept could could do wonders in keeping Link as a character fresh for the Super Smash series and could function in a similar fashion to the Pokemon Trainer from Brawl; allowing Link’s three forms to appeal to various play-styles. Perhaps Deku Link could be a small quick fighter while Goron Link would be tougher and slower with Zora link being a balanced melee/ranged fighter.

His Smash Ball attack could have him transforming into his Fierce Deity form in order to wreak some true havoc on his opponents.

4. Waluigi, Super Mario Bros. Series

Considering Brawl featured pretty much every other Super Mario Bros. character, it would only seem logical that the next game in the series would include Luigi’s mischievous doppelganger. Waluigi’s move-set, much like Wario’s, could incorporate a variety of wacky actions such as whacking his opponents with a tennis racket or throwing a bob-omb at them.

His Smash Ball ultimate could maybe have him driving a go-kart around the stage, knocking his opponents out of the way and sending them flying off into oblivion.

5. Johnny Slater, Hybrid Heaven

Another unique title to show up on the N64 was a little action/RPG called Hybrid Heaven. The game’s main character, Johnny Slater, wasn’t particularly memorable aside from his penchant for beating up aliens and his desire to meet his girlfriend under the Christmas tree in Times Square.

Still, his hand to hand expertise combined with his use of energy weapons make him a strong contender for the Super Smash Bros. roster. Perhaps some of his attacks (maybe even his Smash Ball ultimate attack) could involve the Gargatuans coming out and assisting him. Since his antagonist Mr. Diaz has pretty much the exact same body type/fighting style, maybe he could be an alternate costume/color scheme for Johnny.

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