Rumor: The Last Of Us Left Behind DLC To Release On February 14th

The highly anticipated first story DLC for The Last Of Us is apparently going to be released in around one month, judging from an ad that has appeared on the NA PlayStation Store a few hours ago.

Neogaf User LittleToaster has managed to take a picture of the ad. The DLC will be released on February 14th and it should cost $14.99. The date of the listing on the store has also been changed from the previous placeholder date of March 31st to February 14th.

Naughty Dog has yet to confirm the release date for the DLC pack so we must treat all this as a rumor. Considering that more news will be coming later this week, we will probably get the official release date very soon.

Two days ago Ashley Johnson, the Ellie’s voice actor, revealed some interesting new details on the DLC. The Left Behind story will show a new side of Ellie, a more playful side that was not seen during the main campaign.

The Last Of Us: Left Behind DLC has yet to receive a release date. More details on the new campaign will be coming later this week. The main game is now available exclusively on PS3 in all regions.




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