Grand Theft Auto V Title Update Version 1.09 Now Available

A new title update is now available for Grand Theft Auto V, the latest entry of the highly successful Grand Theft Auto series developed by Rockstar Games.

The new title update, the 1.09 update, is now available for both versions of the game, introducing some new fixes and tweaks. Here are the rather short patch notes for the update:

  • Improved anti-cheat measures
  • Fix for several GTA$ and RP exploits

As you can see, it’s something really minor that won’t change the gameplay experience for most gamers.

Grand Theft Auto V has been released back in September, quickly becoming one of the most successful game releases of 2014. The gameplay formula has received a few tweaks that make it more engaging than before.

One of the biggest changes from the previous entries of the series are the three main characters system, which allows gamers to switch between them outside missions. The three characters also come with different abilities that force players to approach situations differently depending on the controlled character.

Grand Theft Auto V also comes with an online mode called Grand Theft Auto Online which allows gamers to experience the GTA V gameplay formula with other gamers all over the world. More contents for GTA Online will be released soon, expanding the already big experience.

Grand Theft Auto V is now available on PS3 and Xbox 360. The rumored PC version of the game has yet to be confirmed.

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  • I think they’ve finaly fixed the handbrake!! i was searching for info on the patch…. but i’m seriously having fun with the handbrake now

    • Didnt know the handbrake was messed up, I thought it was just their version of an “improvement” over GTAIV. I missed handbraking in IV, and have already trained myself not to use it in V. Lets hope we can reload saved games again. (Finding out now).

  • Came here for info on the game update, and most of the article is a sales plug. Why would I come here to find out what’s new in Patch 1.09 if I didnt already know what GTAV was? :/ It’s filler. That’s all the internet is now. Filler. And if you’re lucky, you might stumble on a site with actual content. #YTEpisodes

  • Quickly became one of the most successful releases of 2014? Is that meant to be 2013?

  • Hates bad writers.

    RP exploits? There never was any, Rockstar, you just treat your fans like dog shit. God forbid we level up and make money, having fun in game, we patch the RP, and decided to remove all the money you made from your account. Sorry we decided to punish you for playing you the broken game we shipped, here’s another patch so you can play even longer to level up, and make little to no cash every time.

    Rockstar, you are scum bags.

  • I tried to F a hooker with Michael… I bought the $100 dollar service and the hooker froze and Michael stood up in the vehicle.