Hideo Kojima Developing A New “Super Confidential” Project

Hideo Kojima is currently working on the latest entry of the Metal Gear Solid series but its development it’s probably not keeping him as busy as we thought, since the game designer revealed on Twitter that he is currently working on super confidential project.

The tweet revealing the project came with a photo of three Kojima Productions employee in a meeting room. The photo’s caption reads: “Kojima Production SUPER CONFIDENTIAL PROJECT’s experiment presentation & meeting”.

Hard to say what this new project is going to be, considering there are absolutely no hints available. The photo shows a Metal Gear Solid IV poster as well but the new project is hardly going to be related to the PS3 exclusive game.

Hideo Kojima really loves to use Twitter to give new details on his projects to fans. A few days ago he used Twitter to explain how the camera in Metal Gear Solid V is going to work, with a single shot being used for the majority of the game that should help immersion and realism. You can learn more about the matter by going here.

Now that the news is out, we can expect more details on this super confidential project soon. We’ll keep you updated as soon as something new comes in on the matter.


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