The Witch And The Hundred Knight Gets New Video, Screenshots

A new gameplay video is now available for The Witch and the Hundred Knight, the upcoming Nippon Ichi role-playing game launching in a few months on PlayStation 3.

The new video showcases more of the gameplay experience of The Witch and the Hundred Knight. During the action, Metallica will be able to summon different Knights to aid her, with some of them coming with some unique abilities that will make life easier. You can watch the new video by going here.

A new batch of screenshots has also been released, featuring more gameplay sequences as well as menus and more. You can take a look at them by going at the end of this post.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight will launch as a standard and limited edition, including a few extra goodies. You can get all the details by going here.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight stars the witch Metallia who will explore a big open world with the help of her knights. Players will be able to get back to previous locations after explore them the first time to explore them again in order to find secret paths and new items.

The world of The Witch and the Hundred Knight is getting engulfed in darkness. In order to be able to explore it, Metallia will have to dispel the darkness by using GIGAcal. GIGAcal also allows her to summon her knights during battle, powering up her magical abilities.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight will be released on March 21st in Europe and on March 25th in North America exclusively on PlayStation 3.

The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight_2014_01-04-14_008.jpg_600 The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight_2014_01-04-14_007.jpg_600 (1) The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight_2014_01-04-14_007.jpg_600 The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight_2014_01-04-14_006.jpg_600 The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight_2014_01-04-14_005.jpg_600 The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight_2014_01-04-14_004.jpg_600 The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight_2014_01-04-14_003.jpg_600 The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight_2014_01-04-14_002.jpg_600 The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight_2014_01-04-14_001.jpg_600

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