Ultra Street Fighter IV New Character Is Tied To The SF Comics

The identity of the fifth playable character to be included in Ultra Street Fighter IV is still a mystery.

rumor circulating some time ago stated that Retsu from the original Street Fighter was going to be the yet to be revealed character. Unfortunately the rumor ended up being false, as Capcom confirmed the new character will be a female character.

It looks like this new character is related to the Street Fighter comics, Siliconera revealed a few hours ago. Apparently the hint comes from a reliable source. Who could it be?

Ultra Street Fighter IV will include five new characters, new stages and some brand new game mechanics. Four of the five new characters have already appeared in Street Fighter X Tekken but they won’t be ripped straight from the crossover game.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is also going to include an Online Training mode, which will make training more exciting than before.

Together with the new features, the game will also include a lot of balancing tweaks which will alter the way some of the fighters’ behaviors during a match. The full list of tweaks has yet to be confirmed.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will launch on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC later this year.

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