Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z Gets New Jump Festa Trailer, Screens

A new trailer and batch of screenshots have been released for Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z, the latest Dragon Ball Z game releasing next month on PS3, PSVita and Xbox 360.

The new trailer and screenshots are focused on the giant bosses of the game. As Dragon Ball fans already know, Saiyans have the ability to morph into giant apes if some special conditions are met. In Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z, players will be able to fight against Giant Ape Vegeta, Giant Ape Gohan and Giant Ape Bardock. Hirudegarn and Meta-Cooler Core will also be present in the game as giant bosses.

You can take a look at the new trailer by going here. The screenshots are available here.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z playable demo has been released earlier this week on the North American and European PSN. The demo includes some missions from the single player mode as well as a taste of the multiplayer mode. All progress can also be transferred  to the full game once it launches. If you cannot download and play the demo, you can check out some gameplay videos released yesterday by going here.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z features a unique battle system. Players will be able to create teams of 4 characters and pit them against the enemy. Each of the playable characters belongs to a specific character type which dictates what they do best.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z will be released in Europe on January 24th and in North America on January 28th on PS3, Xbox 360 and PsVita. Europe will also receive a special edition including some nice goodies. You learn more about this limited edition by going here.

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