Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: ALB Launching In Europe During Spring

Jojo’s Bizzare Avenures: All Star Battle will be released in Europe during Spring 2014, Namco Bandai confirmed today.

The game has already been confirmed not too long ago for the West with a generic release date of 2014. With the European release window date now out, we can expect news on the North American release very soon.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: All Star Battle features over 30 playable characters taken from the different arcs of the manga series created by Hirohiko Araki.

Sometime ago we have reported that Namco Bandai is going to do some localization changes. As fans of the series already know, many of the characters and Stands’ names are taken from famous bands. To avoid copyright issues, the Japanese company is going to change these names slightly. At the same time Namco Bandai will try to keep the experience as faithful to the Japanese version of the game as possible, leaving the Japanese text during the fights intact. The Japanese voice acting will also be included.

The Japanese version of All Star Battle has been recently updated. The new patch includes some rebalancing and fixes that will surely be included in the Western release.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: All Star Battle will release in Europe during Spring 2014 on PlayStation 3.


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