New Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Costumes Releasing This Week

A new batch of Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate costumes will be released during the week in both North America and Europe.

This new batch will include new costumes for Kasumi, Ayane and Momoji, allowing gamers to dress the three beautiful girls as Warriors Orochi 3 characters. Kasumi will get a Gracia costume, Ayane a Wang Yuanji costume and Momiji a Sanzang costume. You can check some new screenshots for these costumes right at the end of this post.

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate is the best way to enjoy the Dead Or Alive 5 gameplay experience. The Ultimate version includes all the contents released for the PsVita port of the game as well as all the costumes that have been originally released as DLC. The game also includes a few new playable characters, extra play modes and more.

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate is also going to be released in Japanese Arcades soon, including a new character not available in the console versions of the game. Team Ninja has confirmed, however, that this new character is going to be released as DLC for the home versions of the game in the near future.

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate is now available on PS3 and Xbox 360. The new costumes will become available on December 10th in North America and the following day in Europe.

momiji ayane kasumi

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