Yuna FFX-2 Costume To Be Included In Lightning Returns:FFXIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII includes a few extra costumes taken from previous entries of the series, like a Cloud Strife costume and others.

A video that has surfaced on Youtube only recently shows that Lightning will also be able to use Yuna’s Costume from Final Fantasy X-2. The costume is not available in the regular game so it’s probably going to be released as a DLC costume in the near future.

This inclusion makes quite a lot of sense, considering the impending release of Final Fantasy X and X-2 in Japan in a few days.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is going to bring an end to the story of Lightning, which began with the original Final Fantasy XIII. The game is going to be quite different from the other Final Fantasy XIII games, featuring all new gameplay mechanics.

Players who didn’t like how Final Fantasy XIII limited exploration will be happy to know that in Lightning Returns they will be able to enjoy more freedom than before. The game’s battle system has also been revamped, now featuring elements taken from action role-playing games. Lightning will also be able to switch costumes in battle in order to use different abilities during the fights.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is now available in Japan. The game will launch in North America and Europe sometime during February 2014. To learn more about the game you can download a demo version for the Japanese version on PSN right now or check out our impressions for the Japanese release.


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