Sonic Lost World Update 3.0.0 Releasing On December 11th

Sonic Lost World, the latest game starring SEGA’s mascot, is going to receive a new update patch in two weeks. The news comes from a post on the Sonic Stadium forums.

The new patch has only been announced for Japan as of now, but there’s no doubt that it will become available in North America and Europe as well.

Details on the patch are scarce at the moment. The only thing that’s known for certain is that the 3.0.0 patch is going to fix the casino strobe effect glitch which can be triggered in Frozen Factory 3. Once the glitch is triggered, there’s no way stop its effects other than restarting the stage.

Other fixes are probably going to be introduced by the new update. We’ll keep you updated as soon as something emerges on the matter.

Sonic Lost World has been released for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, featuring different gameplay experiences. Both games have their own share of issues, but they’re not horrible games by any means. If you want to know more about Sonic Lost World you can check out our in-depth review for both versions of the game by going here.

Sonic Lost World Update 3.0.0 will be launched on Wii U in Japan on December 11th. No news are currently available for a Western release.


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