New Tales Of Xillia Costumes Now Available On The European PS Store

New DLC costumes for Tales Of Xillia are now available on the European Playstation Store.

As the festivities are almost upon us, it’s time to get in the Christmas mood with some special Santa costumes. There’s nothing like saving the world dressed all in red, gifting Rize Maxia with the salvation it’s been longing for. The Santa costumes are available for all the six playable characters, costing €2.99 each.

Tales Of Xillia is the latest entry of the series to get released in the West. For the first time ever in the series , players will be able to choose their own main character between Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell experiencing the story from different points of view. The Linear Motion Battle System has also received a couple of new additions like the Link System which allows characters to pair up in battle and unleash some special combination artes.

Tales Of Xillia II, direct sequel to the first one, is going to be released sometime next year. European and North American gamers will also be able to enjoy the HD version of the two Tales Of Symphonia games early next year.

Earlier yesterday we have reported that Namco Bandai has launched a teaser site for the next Tales Of games. You can check it out by going here.

Tales Of Xillia is now available in all regions. Together with the Santa DLC costumes, more DLC costumes are available for purchase.


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