Xbox One Online Multiplayer And Store Currently Unavailable

The Xbox One online multiplayer functionality is currently unavailable, together with some other store features.

Microsoft has confirmed the news with an Xbox Live Status alert, which states that using prepaid cards or codes for downloadable items or Xbox Live subscriptions is currently unavailable. Joining other Xbox Live members in online games and posting game performance or viewing the performance of other Xbox Live members is also unavailable for the time being.

Some Neogaf users have also reported that they have been unable to access any Xbox One online functionality for the past 16 hours.

These aren’t the only issues that are plaguing the new Microsoft console. The Xbox One Tv is also having some issues in the UK and Europe due to the lack of 50 HZ support.

Microsoft has yet to reveal the reason behind these issues. We’ll keep you updated as soon as something new emerges on the matter.

Xbox One has been released last week in North America and select European territories. Other European countries will receive the console sometime during 2014. If you live in any of these country and don’t want to wait to get the new Microsoft console, you can import console and games from another territory, as all Xbox One games are region free.

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