Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Update 2 Now Available On Xbox Live

A new multiplayer update for Battlefield 4 is now available for the Xbox 360 version of DICE first person shooter.

Multiplayer update 2 is around 265 MB big and it will introduce a few stability improvements and crash fixes, together with some minor tweaks.

Unfortunately there are still no full patch notes available. DICE has confirmed, however, that they will be coming soon. In the meantime, download the update and let us know if you notice some improvements in the multiplayer mode of the game in the comments section.

DICE has been having a hard time making the online portion of the latest Battlefield game work properly. The Playstation 4 version is still suffering from some issues which prevent gamers to participate in the 64-player matches. Many other issues plague the other versions of the game.

DICE isn’t only working on fixing Battlefield 4. The team is going to release the Second Assault DLC soon, which includes maps taken from Battlefield 3. You can check out the Official Launch Trailer and all the details on the DLC by going here.

Battlefield 4 is now available on PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The European PS4 version will launch on November 29th, together with the console.


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