Warframe PS4: free pre-order exclusives revealed

Warframe, Digital Extremes’ free-to-play third-person shooter included in the PlayStation 4’s launch lineup, is offering players a head start on collecting gear and goods with special pre-order incentives, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog.

Digital Extremes associate producer Pat Kudirka wrote that the pre-order packs are being offered as a way to help players get into Warframe more quickly. Players who pre-order Warframe before Nov. 12 will get early access to the Ultimate Fan Pack. This bundle includes a PlayStation-branded Braton Rifle weapon skin, 50 Platinum and 20,000 credits, Warframe’s in-game currencies. These currencies can be used inWarframe’s market to purchase items and upgrades.

Both the full version of Warframe and its pre-order are free, so pre-orders will simply ensure the game automatically downloads to players’ PS4 on launch day. Players can currently pre-order through the PlayStation Store on the PlayStation 3 or through the SEN website.

Kudirka added that Digital Extremes has added much new content since Warframebeing shown at E3 2013, including new planets to explore, multiplayer modes and weapons. Post-launch content for the title will be regular and released in a manner similar to the way updates rolled out for Warframe‘s PC beta.  Kudirka noted that the team still [has] “a few surprises lined up” as we get closer to PS4 launch day on Nov. 15.

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