Rumor: Mew Found In Pokemon X & Y

Pokemon games are always full of secrets that don’t get discovered right away, requiring gamers to fully explore the world before being able to even find out about them.

Pokemon X & Y are no exception to this rule. Just recently a gamer has been able to discover that three new Pokemon, Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa, are present in the game through hacking.

The same gamer has found yet another secret that will make long time fans of the series truly happy. According to Smea, Pokemon #151, Mew, is available in the game.

Smea has also uploaded two pictures of the Pokemon to prove his finding. One of the pictures features a wild LV 4 Mew, while the other features the Pokemon in the Pokemon Aime application.

While the pictures look legit, no gamers has been able to prove that all this is real. We’ll keep you updated once something new comes in on the matter.

Pokemon X & Y are currently available in all regions exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. The latest entries of the series are truly excellent games that no 3DS owner should pass on. You can read more about the two games by checking out our own review here.

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