Telltale Has No Plans For The Walking Dead PS4

Despite releasing on PSN for both PS3 and PsVita, it looks like The Walking Dead: Season 2 will not be released on PS4 anytime soon.

Following yesterday’s reveal, Laura Perusco from Telltale has revealed in the comments sections of the Official Playstation Blog that the team has currently no plans for any next generation console. At the same time Telltale is pretty excited about the new Sony console.

A few extra details have also emerged on Season Two. Apparently the PS3 and PSVita versions will not support cross save feature. It’s been hinted, however, to keep the old save file if you’re planning to play Season Two on the same platform.

The Walking Dead: Season Two will star Clementine, now available as a playable character. The new season is going to be available in five different episodes with the first one releasing before the end of the year. Gamers will be able to buy each episode separately or get a Season Pass offer which will allow them to get all the episodes for a reduced price.

Releasing in November is also The Walking Dead: Season One Game Of The Year Edition which includes the full Season One and its DLC, 400 Days.