Killzone Shadow Fall’s Campaign Will Be Over 10 Hours Long

Killzone Shadow Fall’s single player campaign is going to be over 10 hours long for most players, as revealed a few hours ago by game director Steven Ter Heide.

Many new other details have also been revealed by the Official Playstation Blog, who asked the game director to answer a few fans’ questions about the game. Here are the most interesting questions that have been asked today:

How long is the campaign?
STH: Killzone Shadow Fall’s campaign should last well over 10 hours for most gamers.

Will Killzone’s campaign be co-op?
STH: No, the campaign will not have a co-op mode. However, we’re planning to release a separate Online Co-op Expansion Pack after launch; it will add a new wave-based game mode, in which up to four players take on hordes of enemies in special arena maps

How will the level system in multiplayer work?
STH: We have a Challenge-based system, where completing one of the 1,500 Challenges will increase your rank by one. We will continue to add new Challenges after launch.

Any news of vehicles in the multiplayer?
STH: Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer will not have any vehicles (such as Exoskeletons or Jetpacks) at launch. We wanted to ensure that player-created, custom Warzones work on all multiplayer maps, and the inclusion of vehicles would have introduced too many new variables and exceptions to guarantee this.

Killzone Shadow Fall will be a Ps4 launch title, releasing together with the next-gen Sony console on November 15th in North America and on November 29th in Europe. You can check out a fresh gameplay video of the game by going here.