Top 5 Handmade Game-Inspired Crafts

On my journey through the world wide web, I’ve learned that just about anything is for sale. Looking for a drivable replica of the Ecto I or a life sized Predator bust? No matter what it is you’re searching for, the internet will have it. So, imagine my surprise as to how surprised I was to find that there is a whole world of homemade video game inspired items for sale. Being somewhat of a collector, I always try to find something that not everybody will have, and I was overjoyed when my random search for “ homemade Super Mario Bros merchandise” put me in touch with a paradise of hand made gaming inspired crafts. is a retail site that specializes in hand made or vintage items, having nothing listed that doesn’t fall into either one of those categories. Within this land of hand crafted items is a slew of video game inspired items ranging anywhere from hand knit gloves to minimalist posters. Of the hundreds of items my eyes grew fond of (and my wallet feared), here are my top 5 favorites that all gamers should own:

1. Minimalist Game Posters:

Created for the minimalists out there, the Pixology shop has created a line of minimalist posters for games like Half Life, Metal Gear Solid, Assassin’s Creed, Dead Rising, Dead Space (my personal favorite), Portal, and The Legend of Zelda. While the craze started with movie posters, gaming editions should be a welcomed ornament on any gamer’s wall.

2. Xbox Button Earrings:

There’s something quirky about an individual willing to stick controller buttons in their ears. With these Xbox Button Earrings, brought to you by DieselLaceDesigns, you’ll stand out with one of the oddest, yet rather clever choic of gaming accessories on your ears. Available in “B”, “X”, “Y”, and “A”, these earrings will help show your true colors.

3. Mario Bros. Sugar Cookies:

These delicious sugar cookies are not only a treat for your belly, but also for the gamer inside you. Though the jellyfish cookie is not the most accurate (looks more like a ghost), Mario, Toadstool, and the mischievous Goomba (my personal favorite) more than make up for this minor shortcoming. These treats make the perfect accent to your next game night.

4. Super Mario Bros. Inspired Necklaces:

Sometimes its the subtle touches that make something standout, as with Bebe1030’s pair of Super Mario Bros. inspired necklaces. A glass vial filled with “golden glittery goodness” represents the invincibility star, the added eyes to the glass vial simply making the look. The choice of red or green chain make this necklace the perfect subtle touch to any Super Mario Bros. cosplay.

5. Super Mario Bros. Koupa Dog Costume:

I hate dressing animals. I feel its demeaning and makes most pups look stupid. That is, of course, until I came across GypsyEyesClothing’s red Koupa dog costume. The design is a simple shell that straps around your animal, turning them into a Mario Brother’s worst enemy. Would I wish this accessory on my dog? Absolutely not – but I’d sure like to watch someone else’s animal tortured.

While the list of hand crafted gaming merchandise is rather extensive, especially on Etsy alone, these were the five that caught my eye (and some, my wallet) immediately. A few runner ups include:

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