Fable Legends Will Feature The Series’ Trademark Moral Choices

Fable Legends will be quite different from the rest of the Fable series with its online focused gameplay experience. Despite this almost radical departure from the previous Fable games, Legends is still going to include some of the gameplay elements that define the series created by Lionhead.

Game director David Eckelberry has confirmed that moral choices will be back in Fable Legends and they won’t work too differently from the other games of the series. At the same time, all the available characters will have their own morality: the different choices will have an impact on the actions done during the game but not on the characters’ personalities.

In Fable Legends, players will also be able to form relationships with other characters. These relationships will be built by completing sidequests.

“There are stories that are part of the main quest, there are side stories you can go on, that are part of that main story arch, and there are stories that matter more to your individual character, so your character can grow and develop as time goes on. You’ll see your character’s interaction with other heroes. They’ll get better at it. They can develop relationships.”

Fable Legends will be released as an exclusive Xbox One game on a yet to be revealed date. Despite having a strong focus on online play, the team hasn’t decided yet whether to make it an always-online game or not.

Source: Official Xbox Magazine UK