Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII New Details: Decoy Ability

Among the many different abilities at Lightning’s disposal in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be a special Decoy ability that will make the toughest fights of the game somewhat easier.

As all gamers interested in the latest Final Fantasy title surely already known, Lightning will have Energy Points together with the usual Hit Points and Magic Points. These Energy Points are used to activate a variety of special abilities like Lightspeed, recover HP and activate Chronostasis on the field to stop time.

The Decoy ability will also require EPs to be activated. A moogle will appear on the battlefield once the ability is used to distract enemies and allow Lightning to attack them from the back or to hit the enemies’ hard to reach weak points.

The Decoy moogle will not stay on the battlefield forever though. Enemies will keep attacking it until its HP ran out. Once out of energy, the moogle will disappear, making¬†Lightning the focus of the enemies’ attention once more.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be released on February 11th in North America and on February 14 in Europe on PS3 and Xbox 360. The Japanese version will launch sometime during December.

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