Masuda: A new Pokemon Snap would require “a new idea”

In an interview with PolygonPokemon X and Y director Junichi Masuda was questioned on the possibility of a new Pokemon Snap game. He didn’t provide a solid answer to confirm that a sequel will definitely happen, but shared that if it did, it would have to implement “a new idea” into the gameplay and not rehash the original game.

Masuda says: “Personally, I really love the Pokemon Snap game, but it wouldn’t be interesting if we just released the same game, how it was before, for the Wii U or 3DS. So we have to come up with a new idea or something that will make it more appealing to players. Sometime down the road, we may have something.”

Well, Masuda my friend, I already have some ideas for you. In my “5 Games That Would Be Perfect for the Wii U GamePad” article last year, I actually placed Pokemon Snap as my number one perfect fit for the controller. The GamePad would be the camera, allowing you to aim and take photos on the TV screen using the gyrosensor capabilities. Throw in HD visuals and a choice of 649 Pokemon (even more after X and Y release), and there you have it–what more inspiration could you need? Please, make it happen!

[Source: Polygon]