Xseed Looking Into The Ps3 Version Of Trails In The Sky SC

A couple of weeks ago Xseed has made an announcements that made more than a few role playing game fans happy.

The North American company will release The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky Second Chapter in North America sometime during 2014. The game will be released digitally on PSN as a PSP release, fully compatible with PsVita and on Steam. The First Chapter will also be released on Steam before the end of the year.

Trails In The Sky Second Chapter has also been released on Ps3 in Japan just recently but nothing has been said about a possible localization until today.

According to the Xseed Facebook page, the company is also looking into the Playstation 3 version of Trails In The Sky Second Chapter. The publisher, however, is not ready to share more on the situation: the PC and PSP versions of the game are the primary focus at the moment.

European gamers will also be happy to know that Xseed is also looking into a European release of the game as well.

Trails In The Sky Second Chapter begins right after the ending of the first game, continuing the story from the closing cliffhanger of the previous game, featuring a similar gameplay experience.

The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky is now available on PSN in both North America and Europe. The Second Chapter will be released next year on PSN and Steam.

Source: Siliconera