Beyond: Two Souls Receives A New TV Spot

A new TV spot is now available for Beyond: Two Souls, the latest game developed by Quantic Dream, the team behind the highly successful Heavy Rain.

The new spot, which can be seen by going here, shows Jodie over the years. It’s a highly dramatic video that you don’t want to miss if you’re interested in the game.

Beyond: Two Souls follows Jodie through fifteen years of her life, witnessing many different events that have had a big impact on her life and on her growth as a woman. Accompanying Jodie is a super-natural entity known as Aiden, who has been following her since she was a small girl.

The presence of Aiden in the game has allowed the team to create a diverse gamplay experience, with players switching between Jodie and Aiden during specific parts of the game. During this moments Aiden can also be controlled by another player with the use of a smartphone or tablet, offering a small co-op mode.

Beyond: Two Souls will be released exclusively for PS3 on October 8th in North America and on October 11th in Europe. A demo version of the game will be released early in October in both North America and Europe.